The products that Jay Gutierrez has developed to deliver safe and effective low-level radiation are inexpensive, simple to use and available now from Night Hawk Minerals.

There are four different choices of application included in each kit: gray water stones, mud packs, green stones, and pendants to be worn around the neck. For the seriously ill cancer patient, Jay uses what he calls a “hot tumor stone.” Except for the cancer stone, all other stones can be ordered directly from this website. If you have cancer, you will need to call Jay directly and speak to him in order to purchase that stone.

The Green Stone 

This stone is quite remarkable because it is both radioactive as well as electric. The stone’s unique properties have to do with the fact that it, like the human body, is electric.

The green stone has four tasks it is capable of accomplishing:

1)     It feeds us a minute dose of needed radiation (lower than the gray stone)
2)     It feeds us a dose of needed electricity: It both absorbs and puts out a small DC (electric) current
3)     It draws out toxicities
4)     It reduces pain

Mud Packs

Jay has found that the longer time that people were exposed to the stones, the faster they got better. Jay started making mud packs because they were easy to keep on the body during the course of the day, as well as easy to put under the sheet in the bed so the exposure could continue throughout the night.

The Water Stone

The water stone is placed in a jug of water and let to sit overnight. The water will absorb the radiation. The period of internal effectiveness is approximately three hours. Any water can be used (though filtered is best), and there is no change in its effectiveness refrigerated or not. Jay suggests that when beginning the practice of drinking radioactive water, drink one to two glasses a day until the body has adjusted. Then drink to your heart’s content.

The Pendant

Except for the cancer stone, the stone in the pendant is the strongest stone Jay creates – though it is often the smallest (size and “hotness” are unrelated). The pendant is the stone to wear to radiate energy on the chest area. Jay has had great success with the pendant stone in treating breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid problems, and other problems that arise from this part of the body. But, one needn’t have an affliction to derive benefit from this stone. The necklace is very beneficial for anyone to wear.

What You Need to Know before Using the Stones:

When you start using the stones, it is not uncommon for an aggravation period on the area of affliction of between 2 and 30 days. Other detoxification symptoms can also be expected for the first 1-4 days such as nausea, headaches, slight fever, dizziness, etc. This is a sign of the healing reaction that your own body is orchestrating. Other effects usually include good sleep and increased energy. After the initial period of adjustment, any amount of water can be drunk, and wearing the stones on a continuous basis is not a problem. If healing symptoms re-occur at any point, it is recommended to back off the use of the stones until the body has a chance to catch up with the detox effect.