Dr. Jane Goldberg discovered the healing power of low-level radiation by accident, in the course of trying to save her beloved pet Bichon Frise, Lilly – a dog that four vets had concluded could not be saved. Lilly’s response to low-level radiation was both immediate and effective – seven years later, the pooch is still alive and well.

As the owner of New York’s first holistic health spa, La Casa Spa & Wellness Center, Dr. Goldberg felt compelled to find out the truth about radiation. Could it really have healing properties? This explorative path led her to the Colorado health center of Jay Gutierrez – already an expert in the field of hormesis, working to heal others through the power of low-level radiative stones.

Together, in 2009, Goldberg and Gutierrez wrote Because People Are Dying: The Story of a Rock, an Apple and Cancer and made a documentary with the same title. Five years later, and armed with new research, Dr. Goldberg updated the book and gave it a new name: The Hormesis Effect. The results are essential reading.